10 gold coin value : Antique gold bracelet


10 gold coin value : Antique gold bracelet

10 Gold Coin Value

10 gold coin value

A Unique, Magnificent, and Highly Important Roman Gold Medallion of 8 Aurei of Gallienus (253-268 C.E.), One of the Largest Recorded Gold Medallions and of the Highest Importance, Possibly the Finest

A Unique, Magnificent, and Highly Important Roman Gold Medallion of 8 Aurei of Gallienus (253-268 C.E.), One of the Largest Recorded Gold Medallions and of the Highest Importance, Possibly the Finest

Gallienus, 253 - 268

Medallion of 8 aurei circa 265-266, 29.67 g. IMP GALLIENVS - PIVS FEL AVG GERM Head l., wearing wreath of reeds. Rev. CONCORD·P·R·ET·MILIT Two clasped hands; all within laurel wreath closed by round shield. RIC -. C -. Gnecchi - Toynbee -. Cf. Gobl, MIR 36, 700 (medallion of 10 aurei).

Apparently unique and unpublished. An extremely important medallion,
one of the largest of Gallienus in existence, bearing a very appealing portrait.
A few minor marks and an insignificant edge nick at six o'clock on obverse,
otherwise about extremely fine.

Without question this is one of the most impressive and important Roman gold medallions to have survived antiquity. Not only is it apparently unique and of extraordinary size, but its portrait is of remarkable style, representing the apex of Gallienus' "classical renaissance". It belongs to a single emission late in his reign that seems to have followed his initiation into the most important of all Greek occult rituals, the Eleusinian Mysteries. This portrait style occurs only on ceremonial gold pieces and large bronze medallions. The most striking aspect of the portrait is its style, which arguably is the best achieved in Gallienus' 15-year reign. The 'binio' that proceedes, lot 196, is of the same issue. There can be little doubt that the dies of this series either were cut by the same master, or at the very least were derived from his prototype. Indeed, it is surprising that this die cutter has not been singled out and named (perhaps the "Eleusinian Master"), as his work is virtually beyond comparison in this troubled era. In addition to style points, this bust type captures interest because it is left-facing and is wreathed with grain ears. Determining the date of this issue is no easy task, as Gallienus' reign is one of the most difficult to comprehend. Even his coinage, when inscribed with tribunician dates, is often contradictory, and thus the internal chronology of his reign is not well understood. This issue must fall near the end of his reign, c. 265-268. If it is associated with the enigmatic INT VRB bronzes with the GENIVS P.R. obverse bearing a portrait of Gallienus in the guise of the Genius of the Roman People, then it probably belongs in 266 or 268. Kent, in Roman Coins, prefers a date of c. 267. Gobl, in his posthumously published corpus on this period, argues for a date of c. 265 on the strength of the Eleusinian Mysteries connection. He cites an inscription in which Gallienus reformed rules for the marketplace that served Eleusinian initiates. It is dated to his 14th tribunician, which perhaps began in August, 265 or simply ran the length of 266 (theories vary). The nature of the inscription presumes the emperor's presence in Athens at that time, which is not opposed by any other evidence. In about 265 Gallienus delegated the war against Postumus to his subordinate, the future rebel Aureolus, which allows a window for his visit to Athens between his departure from Gaul and the Gothic invasion of late 267 or early 268. The reverse of this medallion, inscribed CONCORD. P. R. ET. MILIT, is most unusual, as it calls for harmony between the Roman people (Populus Romanus) and the army (Militarium). Often inscriptions on Roman coins and medallions will honour, or call for the harmony of the senate and the people or the emperor and the army, but this combination is quite irregular. Roman interest in the secretive Eleusinian Mysteries had a long history: Cicero, Augustus and Marcus Aurelius had been initiated, and Claudius attempted to move the rituals from Eleusis to Rome. The most famous Roman benefactor to the Mysteries, Hadrian, was initiated to the lower grade of mystes in 125, and achieved the higher grade of epoptes ('one who has seen') on his visit to Athens in 128. With this in mind it should not escape our attention that the composition of Gallienus' portrait on this medallion is almost Hadrianic, which may have been purposeful due to their Eleusinian connection. The Great Mysteries of Eleusis drew participants and onlookers from throughout the western world. The final rituals required utmost secrecy, which is remarkable considering up to three thousand could be seated in the hall of initiation (the Telesterion), and the event occurred every year. Yet few who attended even spoke of it, out of respect, and out of fear of the penalties for doing so. Central to the Mysteries was Demeter's search for her daughter Persephone, who had been taken by Pluto to his personal domain, Hades. Upon discovering her daughter's absence, Demeter, goddess of the earth, abandoned the pleasures of Mt. Olympus and descended to earth to commence the search (while there she was aided by the king of Eleusis). Demeter's absence brought what threatened to be an eternal winter on earth, and this required divine intervention. Persephone was allowed to return, but only on the condition that she return to Hades every winter to serve as the

1845 $10.00 NGC AU53

1845 $10.00 NGC AU53

Mintage: 26,153

Most of the Philadelphia eagles from the 1840's are common but there are three exceptions. The 1844 is very rare in all grades and the 1846 is quite scarce. The 1845, while not quite at the level of the other two, is a difficult issue to locate in the EF40 to AU50 range and it is rare in properly graded AU53 or finer. The 1845 is nearly unobtainable in properly graded AU55 to AU58 and it is extremely rare in Uncirculated with just three known to me.

As with most 1845 eagles, this piece is a bit on the baggy side with abrasions noted on the obverse and reverse. But unlike most examples of this date, it is original with deep natural green-gold hues. There is luster in the protected areas and a bit of dirt is caked into the date, stars and lettering as if to further broadcast its originality.

I have become increasingly drawn to No Motto Philadelphia half eagles and eagles as an area that offers great value to the collector.

10 gold coin value

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14k Gold Bulova Watch

14k gold bulova watch

14k gold bulova watch - Gold Women's

Gold Women's Chain Link Bulova Watch w Diamonds

Gold Women's Chain Link Bulova Watch w Diamonds

Indulge yourself in elegance with this fine diamond Bulova chain link watch crafted with fine 14 karat yellow gold. This women's watch is the height of fashion. The bold yet feminine yellow gold half link strap is made with solid gold. The timepiece's white face is accented with gold markers and hands and framed by a sparkling row of round brilliant cut, prong set white diamonds. This watch is elegance defined. Complete with a presentation gift box from Bulova, this women's solid yellow gold chain link watch set with diamonds is makes an excellent gift as it is the perfect addition to any woman's accessory collection.

89% (6)

Bulova Watch Cufflinks

Bulova Watch Cufflinks

Fairly rare it is to find perfectly matched watch movement cuff links - these Bulova watch movements (from Switzerland) are the same make number, and have the intricate beauty that one comes to expect from the Swiss.

Five rubies on either movement add to their luxurious sparkle.

A perfect gift for a loved one, I can see it now:
"These gorgeous cuff links are a perfect match..."
And then you insinuate with your eyes that yes, you are also implying that the two of you, you and your love, are also a perfect match. Then you can elegantly hold hands, or kiss, if that is your desire.

Original vintage watch movements securely made into cuff links with plated cuff link backings.

The cuff link faces measure approximately .5" x .75"

Bulova Watch

Bulova Watch

My new bulova watch and bracelet I got for christmas

14k gold bulova watch

14k gold bulova watch

Bulova Men's 96B104 Strap Silver Dial Watch

The 37mm black dial creates a fantastic appearance on this sleek, stylish watch. The black leather band helps to bring the look together for something that is sure to catch the eye. The analog display features a high quality quartz movement which is backed by the full manufacturer warranty. This watch is is water resistant to 30 meters (100 feet).

The classic clean look of the Bulova Men's Strap Silver Dial Watch is ideal for a man who is moving up in the world and wants to look good doing it. The white circle dial displays silver stick indices for hours. A sub-dial at three o'clock shows the date. The bezel and case are silver stainless steel. This watch looks good at the office or at a power lunch. The black leather band is textured for detail and stays comfortable and secure with a traditional buckle clasp. This Bulova timepiece has precision three-hand Japanese quartz movement. It is presented in a black gift box and is water resistant to 99 feet (30 meters).

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5 gram gold ingot - Australian gold wholesale.

5 Gram Gold Ingot

5 gram gold ingot

Ingot #1.

Ingot #1.

This is the first ingot I cast from my perlite-and-cement-refractory backyard furnace. It started life as an aluminum mounting bracket.



Ingot, California

.....an abandoned mineral mining mill.........

5 gram gold ingot

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American buffalo gold coin proof - U600 black and gold.

American Buffalo Gold Coin Proof

american buffalo gold coin proof

american buffalo gold coin proof - 2008 $50

2008 $50 American Buffalo Gold Replica Coin

2008 $50 American Buffalo Gold Replica Coin

"The Gold Buffalo" - Its designs feature images originally prepared by James Earle Fraser for the now-famous "Buffalo Nickel". The Buffalo Nickel remains today one of the most popular American coins ever struck. Featuring a profile of a Native American on the obverse and an American Bison on the reverse. Fraser once said that the Indian profile was a composite of three Lakota and Cheyenne chiefs: John Big Tree, Iron Tail and Two Moons. The model for the buffalo was that of "Black Diamond," then on display at New York City's Central Park Zoo. Fraser's design is generally considered to be among the best designs of any U.S. coin - and now it graces America's grandest gold coin. Layered in pure 24K gold using the utmost in precision embossing technology to show every last detail of the Indian chief on the obverse and all the prowess and grandeur of the American bison on the reverse.

80% (11)

PLAINS AMERICAN BISON ... (Bison bison bison) ......... BISONTE AMERICANO DE PLANICIE ~ original=(3332 x 2588)

PLAINS AMERICAN BISON ... (Bison bison bison) ......... BISONTE AMERICANO DE PLANICIE ~ original=(3332 x 2588)

bufalo , bufalo americano , bufalo de de las planicies , bufalo de las praderas , bufalo de planicie , bisonte de planicie , cibolo
Bisao-americano-das-planicies , bisonte-americano-das-planicies , bisonte-das-planicies , bisao-das-planicies , bisao-americano , bisonte-americano - - - - - - - - - - - -
Plains American Bison , American Buffalo , Plains Buffalo .........

Bison bison bison (Linnaeus, 1758)
Orden: Artiodactyla Owen, 1848 (Artiodactilos) ....
Familia: Bovidae Gray, 1821 (Bovidos = Bovinos) ..... subfamilia: Bovinae Gray, 1821

Hasta el siglo XVII, este enorme bovino poblo abundantemente el subcontinente norteamericano.
El llamado coloquialmente "bufalo", era venerado por muchas de las tribus nativas de esa region; quienes, cuando practicaban su caza, la hacian con un gran respeto y admiracion por sus cualidades, y agradecimiento por todos los beneficios que les aportaban.
Al momento de la muerte del bisonte, el cazador amerindio se acercaba a inhalar su ultimo aliento como forma de absorber espiritualmente sus virtudes.
Fue conocido por ellos como "Dador de vida", pues todo de este ser era utilizado.
Los usos incluian alimentacion, abrigo, indumentaria religiosa, combustible (se secaban las deyecciones al sol) y materiales de construccion.
Constituian la principal fuente de alimentacion para los indigenas americanos de las Grandes Llanuras, tal como fue el guanaco a los nativos de la patagonia.
El bisonte albino o bufalo blanco es una deidad, aun presente en el siglo XXI; por ejemplo, entre la gente sioux y lakota, los lideres espirituales estan atentos para excluirlo de la caceria, pues es un ser respetado, venerado y admirado de acuerdo con la leyenda de "Mujer Bufalo", de Dakota.

A la llegada de los conquistadores espanoles a America, la cantidad de bisontes que encontraron fue estimada en 60 a 100 millones de ejemplares
Su caceria se precipito despues de la llegada de Inglaterra a la costa Este del continente, pues el valor de las pieles era bastante elevado y funciono como un catalizador para la matanza de miles de estos.
Ademas la pulverizacion de los huesos era vendida como fertilizante.
Pero el principal golpe de gracia lo daria el ya independiente Estados Unidos, pues durante el siglo XIX se tomo como una eficaz politica de estado el eliminar las grandes manadas de esta especie, como metodo indirecto para aniquilar a los nativos, al generar hambrunas entre ellos ante la repentina falta de su principal fuente calorica.
A consecuencia de esta politica la especie llego a un punto peligroso de cercania a la extincion, pues fue rapidamente reducido de millones a unos pocos cientos.
Se estima que alrededor de 750 ejemplares sobrevivian hacia 1890.
El Zoologico del Bronx, mantuvo una de las manadas sobrevivientes, con la cual fue restablecida la especie en el Parque Nacional Yellowstone y otras reservas naturales.
La actual poblacion de bisontes americanos es de aproximadamente 350.000 ejemplares.

Hay aproximadamente 500.000 bisontes en cautiverio en poblaciones comerciales en unos 4.000 ranchos de propiedad privada.
Bajo las directrices de la Lista Roja de la UICN, las manadas comerciales no pueden tenerse en consideracion en la determinacion de una designacion en la lista roja, por lo tanto la poblacion total de bisontes calculada en hatos de conservacion es de aproximadamente 30.000 cabezas, con una poblacion reproductiva del orden de las 20.000 cabezas.
Del total presentado, solo 15.000 individuos se consideran bisontes salvajes en el area de distribucion natural en America del Norte.
Mas de 250.000 de los 350.000 bisontes restantes son criados para el consumo humano. pues la carne de bisonte es mas baja en grasa y colesterol que la carne de vacuno, un hecho que ha llevado al desarrollo del "BEEFALO", un cruce fertil de bisontes y ganado domestico.
Anualmente, unos 35.000 bisontes son procesados para carne en los EE.UU.
Recientes estudios geneticos muestran que muchas manadas de bisontes salvajes incluyen animales con genes de ganado domestico.
Por ejemplo, en la manada en la isla Santa Catalina, aislada desde 1924 despues de haber sido llevada alli para la filmacion de una pelicula.
Se calcula que hay tan solo 12.000 a 15.000 bisontes puros en el mundo.
Las cifras son inciertas debido a que las pruebas utilizadas hasta la fecha - el analisis del ADN mitocondrial - solo indican si la linea materna (la parte transmisible de madre a madre) alguna vez incluyo alguna vaca, y por lo tanto no dice nada acerca de la entrada masculina en el proceso.
Se encontro que la mayoria de los hibridos se ven exactamente como bisontes de raza pura, por lo tanto, la apariencia fenotipica del animal no es un buen indicador de su genetica.
Una propuesta sugerida por un punado de academicos y responsables politicos es la de restaurar con praderas nativas gran parte de las porciones mas secas de las Gr

American Buffalo Collection by Stetson

American Buffalo Collection by Stetson

The American Buffalo Collection by Stetson......When Matie Ross hires Rooster Cogburn to avenge her fathers death...She takes her fathers stetson from the shelf :folding tissue paper ever so neatly to fill the voids an keep the hat from smother in ears...See the Western Action Thriller December 22 nd in a theater near you....Read the Charles Portis (1968) best selling version of ,' TRUE GRIT' . Then, Treat your family to a Western classic...'Fill your hand pilgrim' ; with some, buttered popcorn and settle in to watch, Matie Ross and her Stetson, win the west...
Remember...you saw it first on Flickr.com. KaTey Pearl...TRUE GRIT... Stetson...Three American classics...

american buffalo gold coin proof

american buffalo gold coin proof

2001 U.S. Mint American Buffalo Coin and Currency Set

Here is the American Buffalo Coin and Currency Set, released in 2001 by the U.S. Mint. This set comes in a beautiful folded display, includes an in informative booklet, and slides into a decorative cardboard sleeve.
The set itself includes the beautiful 2001 Uncirculated Buffalo Commemorative Silver Dollar (released to commemorate the opening of the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian), the 1987 Ten Cent Red Cloud U.S. Postage Stamp, the 2001 Twenty-one Cent Bison Postage Stamp, and a replica of the obverse of the Series 1899 $5.00 Indian Chief Silver Certificate (the only issue of US paper money on which an American Indian was chosen for the central motif).

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Free Gold Making Guide Wotlk - Gold Beaded Sandals - White Gold Diamond Circle Pendant.

Free Gold Making Guide Wotlk

free gold making guide wotlk

free gold making guide wotlk - The Charnley

The Charnley House: Louis Sullivan, Frank Lloyd Wright, and the Making of Chicago's Gold Coast (Chicago Architecture and Urbanism)

The Charnley House: Louis Sullivan, Frank Lloyd Wright, and the Making of Chicago's Gold Coast (Chicago Architecture and Urbanism)

Situated in Chicago's famed Gold Coast, just north of the Magnificent Mile, the Charnley house is one of the finest dwellings in the city and considered worldwide to be a stunning example of avant-garde architecture. Now the headquarters of the Society of Architectural Historians and designated a National Historic Landmark in 1998, the house was built in 1892 at a critical moment in urban and architectural history. The Charnley House is the first authoritative publication on the building, which has long been discussed in surveys but never before examined in detail.

In this collection of original essays, six well-known architectural historians illuminate various aspects of the house, both inside and out, as they consider its remarkable formal and spatial qualities, its historical significance in the development of Chicago's elite residential neighborhood, and its place in the context of American domestic architecture. Equally important, the contributors tackle the knotty, decades-old issue concerning the building's designer. While many have ascribed the scheme to Frank Lloyd Wright, Louis Sullivan's chief assistant at the time, this book sheds new light on how the house relates significantly to the work of both master and apprentice.

The continuing debate over the house's "authorship" highlights the importance of the Charnley house in the history of modern architecture as the seminal work of residential design in the United States. These thoroughly researched interpretations, supplemented by an abundance of never before published illustrations, analyze this house of distinction with the care and detail it deserves. Beautifully restored in late 1980s, the Charnley house now has a book worthy of it.

80% (14)

Blue and Gold Macaw

Blue and Gold Macaw


The Blue and Gold Macaw ( ararauna) is one of the most popular pet Macaws around the world. With their even temper, intelligence and beauty, this is no surprise to those who know these marvelous birds.

The Blue and Gold Macaw, also know as the Blue and Yellow Macaw has a reputation among Macaws for being a good talker. While one can never be sure if their pet parrot will ever talk, the Blue and Gold Macaw is more likely to talk than other varieties of Macaw. The Blue and Gold Macaw is lively, intelligent, affectionate and even-tempered. Be warned, however, they are also very loud. If you want quiet in your home you should never consider a Blue and Gold Macaw for a pet. They can also be quite destructive if not given plenty of toys to chew. In spite of their noisiness and their love of chewing the Blue and Gold Macaw makes a wonderful pet. The Blue and Gold Macaw is gentle and sweet. They are highly social parrots and love being around people. Out of all the Macaws the Blue and Gold is one of the easiest to socialize. They are adaptable and can also be re-socialized quite easily. Because of their intelligence the Blue and Gold is quite good at learning new tricks and seems to delight in doing so.

The Blue and Gold Macaw is breathtaking because of its beautiful plumage and his immense size. Adult Blue and Golds average 34 inches (86cm) in length. Male and female Blue and Gold Macaws are not sexual dimorphic, that is there is not discernable difference between them. The plumage of the Blue and Gold Macaw is primarily bright blue and bright saffron yellow. The yellow is seen primarily on the underside of the Blue and Gold while Blue covers most of his body. The wings of the Blue and Gold are primarily blue, darker on the primaries. The tail is also blue. The Blue and Gold's throat is black, and has been described as a "black beard". As with most Macaws, the Blue and Gold has bare cheeks decorated with black lines. The front of his crown is a beautiful emerald green that becomes blue that covers the rest of the head. The iris of the mature Blue and Gold macaw is yellow, sometimes yellowish-green. One can distinguish immature Blue and Golds by their dark brown irises.

Unfortunately they are currently disappearing from many areas including, Venezuela, Brazil and Columbia. This disappearance is due largely to hunting, trapping, trade and habitat destruction. The natural habitat of the Blue and Gold Macaw includes open marshlands and woodlands, rainforest, and other areas with large trees. They are usually seen in pairs, family groups, or flocks of not more than 20 birds. Occasionally one might see gatherings of Blue and Golds, which can number into the hundreds.


Originating in South America, Blue and Gold Macaws have been seen in Colombia, Panama, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Venezuela, French Guiana, Guyana, Peru, and Trinidad.

Breeding and Propagation:

The Blue and Gold Macaw is regularly bred in captivity. Mating seasons begins in April. The hen usually lays a small clutch of one to three eggs. Following an incubation period of 25 - 27 days babies are born. They fledgling period lasts 12 weeks. Most Blue and Golds breed once a year, occasionally some will see two breedings within the same year.

Average Lifespan: 50 year(s)

Compatibility: Average (as compared to other parrots)

Scientific Classification:

Phylum: Chordata
Class: : Aves
Order: : Psittaciformes
Family: : Psittacidae
Genus: : Ara
Species: : ararauna

Day 207/365 "Gold"

Day 207/365 "Gold"

The swim team banquet is tomorrow night. It's always a tradition for the captains to do their own awards for obscure things that happend during the season. Part of that means going to party city and buying the most ridiculous things. Then spray painting them gold to make it into an award.
Since we basically waited until the last minute to prepare everything, I did lots of spray painting tonight.

The picture? Another "face paint" type picture. Although this one has more of a purpose. I did tons of dodging and burning to this one too, and I think it gave it a neat look.

Strobist: Vivitar 383 into shoot thru umbrella high camera left.


free gold making guide wotlk

free gold making guide wotlk

Yehuda Amichai: The Making of Israel's National Poet (Tauber Institute Series for the Study of European Jewry & Schusterman Series in Israel Studies)

Yehuda Amichai is one of the twentieth century's (and Israel's) leading poets. In this remarkable book, Gold offers a profound reinterpretation of Amichai's early works, using two sets of untapped materials: notes and notebooks written by Amichai in Hebrew and German that are now preserved in the Beinecke archive at Yale, and a cache of ninety-eight as-yet unpublished letters written by Amichai in 1947 and 1948 to a woman identified in the book as Ruth Z., which were recently discovered by Gold.

Gold found irrefutable evidence in the Yale archive and the letters to Ruth Z. that allows her to make two startling claims. First, she shows that in order to remake himself as an Israeli soldier-citizen and poet, Amichai suppressed ("camouflaged") his German past and German mother tongue both in reference to his biography and in his poetry. Yet, as her close readings of his published oeuvre as well as his unpublished German and Hebrew notes at the Beinecke show, these texts harbor the linguistic residue of his European origins. Gold, who knows both Hebrew and German, establishes that the poet's German past infused every area of his work, despite his attempts to conceal it in the process of adopting a completely Israeli identity.

Gold's second claim is that Amichai somewhat disguised the story of his own development as a poet. According to Amichai's own accounts, Israel's war of independence was the impetus for his creative writing. Long accepted as fact, Gold proves that this poetic biography is far from complete. By analyzing Amichai's letters and reconstructing his relationship with Ruth Z., Gold reveals what was really happening in the poet's life and verse at the end of the 1940s. These letters demonstrate that the chronological order in which Amichai's works were published does not reflect the order in which they were written; rather, it was a product of the poet's literary and national motivations.

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