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Gold Nuggets For Sale

gold nuggets for sale

gold nuggets for sale - Pyrite, "Gold

Pyrite, "Gold Nugget" Pendant Set In .925 Sterling Silver On Sale

Pyrite, "Gold Nugget" Pendant Set In .925 Sterling Silver On Sale

Rainbow (iridescent) pyrite is a relatively new gemstone recently discovered in Russia. This material comes in the form of druzy - a fine layer of miniature crystals coating a matrix. It offers a shimmering rainbow of colors, including shades of gold, green, pink and blue. This unique stone is found not far from Ulianovsk, on Volga River. Pyrite itself is named for the Greek word for fire "Pyr," as it produces sparks when it is struck with steel. Pyrite has an opaque, shiny, metallic luster and it can be iridescent. It was polished by the Native Americans in early times and used as mirrors. The typical color of pyrite is bright pale yellow to brass-yellow, gray-yellow often tarnished with a brown film of iron oxide. Pyrite is also known as "Fool's Gold" because it is often mistaken for gold, however the two are quite different and it is not that difficult to distinguish one from the other. Pyrite grains are lighter and tougher than gold, and has broken faces, properties that are not normally found in gold.

83% (5)

It wasn't always like this - 1949 Buick Fastback Sequence 2

It wasn't always like this - 1949 Buick Fastback Sequence 2

June 28, 2004

After a restless night, split between excitement at my new find, and anxiety about how I was going to get it home, I finally got out of bed and did something useful. I found some breakfast (of a sort) and mulled over what I was going to do today until my apointment with Bob at 3 ish.

Should I climb up the mountain again to look at her?

Yesterday was enough, and today my legs were killing me. Again, I wasn't really sure of the route anyway.

I decided to look around the town instead, to see if there was any additional information on the car, Doc and the mine.

Most of the search was fruitless, at least when it came to the car. The Historical Society, however, had a bevy of information on the earlier days in the town, including the mine, and the railway line that ran up to it. There was even an old map, which Daisy, from the Society, kindly photocopied for me. She was curious as to why I would want it - I made up some lame line about my grandfather working in the mine in the old days. Daisy said she couldn't remember the name, but that there were so many young men in the old days, that was no suprise.

I took my truck for a drive around the town, toward the foot of the valley. Sure enough, there was the station through which the trains ran with their ores. I was suprised to learn that they didn't just dig up gold nuggets, but mined tons of ore a day, which was then sent down the line for processing, not only for gold, but other minerals as well.

The road leading up by the rail line was closed off however, but it looked like it was passable, at least down here near the town.

It was nearing 3:00, so I thought I head back to the main street to get some more to eat. Maybe some more 'breakfast'.

Sure enough, there was Bob, perhaps a little earlier than usual. Perhaps having a willing hearer for his stories was an incentive to get up.

I said good morning, as is the custom, and handed him a paper bag with the whiskey I had bought earlier during the morning.

Bob looked in the bag, then at me and smiled. Then he put the bag down and stared right into my eyes with a twinkle in his eye.

"So, you're interested in finding out more about that car?"

Before I could say yes, or anything else, he started again.

"It was a bit latter on the the 50's and the Korean war was making more waves on the radio, so to speak. Many of the men, now in there 30's had been in the war in Europe, and had now found the role of working in the mine monotonous, and, inspite of some of the horrors they had faced, yearned for the excitment, adventue, and comradeship they had found in the war."

" I thought they were all idiots, and that if the world kept on going this way that war would find them again regardless."

I broke in - 'But about the car..."

"Yes, I know. You want to know about the car. Well, this new war had some of the fun of the old war for those at home, notably rationing of certain goods and materials. This put pressure on the mine to extract more ore, and consequently more mechanical mishap. Doc spent a lot of time going up and down that track in his Buick. Its lucky it rode as well as it did or Doc would'a had no teeth left in his head. Anyway, the car was a regular fixture on the route, and everybody in the mone had seen her. And she had seen plenty of that road - she could'av probably driven up there herself."

"And?" I said.

"Funny thing, women"

'Here we go again.' I thought to myself. 'Off the track again.'

"They can change a man."

I said "Yeah, sure."

I should know. I had been there a couple of times. Thank God my relationship with Jenny had come along - a string of too many bad girlfriends.

Bob must have sensed that I too, had drifted off to some other place.

"As I was saying, the Doc had been seeing this girl - mighty pretty, and from a wealthy family in from Texas or somewhere, I heard. And she wasn't that happy that the Doc had been spending quite so much time up the mountain, especially when he had to come down late at night, in the fog, on what could only generously be called a road. She had plans to marry him, even if he didn't know it yet."

"And?" I said again, impatiently.

"That day came, and with it, a new car from her father, a shiny black Cadillac. A '58 Brougham."

Nice, I thought, one of those would be an even greater find than the Buick. I didn't fancy my chances of finding that up on the mountain though.

"Anyways, hat Cadillac, fancy air suspension and all wasn't going to be going up that track, so the Buick still went up and down, day after day, but not so often, and not so late."

"So is that where the car is now? On the track?" Again, I was getting impatient.

"Well, the Doc's new wife had a plan. Probably in her head all along, to get him down off that mountain. Indirectly, that Cadillac represented the influence of her father, and Oil

Pfeiffer Pinot Noir at the Oregon Truffle Festiva

Pfeiffer Pinot Noir at the Oregon Truffle Festiva

A truffle smackdown? Forgive my crudeness, but oh, yes, even in the most dignified arenas there are heated comparisons and to some, winners and losers. The big guns of the truffle world – chefs, scientists, sellers and lovers – are gearing up for next week’s Oregon Truffle Festival in Eugene, the only such fete in North America.

Not only will the famous Perigords be tested against Oregon’s lesser-known whites, but there will also be a quiet battle between the ways in which "the diamonds of the kitchen" are used to elevate a meal. French Chef Jacques Ratier will put on a traditional dinner Friday, Jan. 29. On Saturday afternoon and evening, Oregon chefs – ever so politely – will display their modern methods for teasing out the glorified mushroom’s delicate flavors.

Who will win? Festival participants. During the three-day trufflefest, they will get to roll up their sleeves for a cooking class, follow dogs on a hunt for the culinary treasures growing on the roots of Douglas Fir trees and shop at a marketplace with vendors selling books, wine, oils and, of course, those pricy nuggets.

But before we talk about the festival’s cultivation seminar, growers’ forum, truffle forays, farm tours, receptions, winery luncheons, formal dinners, and, of course, the ultra-passionate advocates – who would have thought truffles could be so controversial? – let’s focus briefly on the wine. Because everyone knows, a truffle without a great wine is like a pretty girl without a smile.

Be warned: These words will tempt you. So, follow your instincts and succumb to the festival. But don’t hesitate. Tickets for some of the experiences and the Grand Truffle Dinner on Saturday are still available. But the clock is ticking. Tickets won’t be sold at the event.

Friday's Opening Ceremony

Effervescent food writer Michael Sanders will read passages from his books on chefs, farmers, fishermen, restaurateurs and winemakers and speak about truffle tasting and hunting in France and Maine, where he now lives. Accompanying his thoughts will be Domaine Meriwether's non-vintage Brut Cuvee made with Willamette Valley Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

Friday's La Recreation Dinner

Imagine what a chef could create if he could gambol near his home and find splendid black truffles, foie gras, duck breast, goat cheeses, saffron? French chef Jacques Ratier, who is charged with presenting a traditional French truffle dinner the first night of the truffle festival, has the resources and experience he needs to create a masterpiece. He’s worked in noble kitchens including Roger Verge’s Le Moulin de Mougins. In 1993, he and his wife Noelle opened La Recreation restaurant in the Lot region famous for its vin de Cahors. (The chef, his wife and their restaurant are the subject of Sanders' book “From Here, You Can't See Paris: Seasons of a French Village and Its Restaurant.”)

Ratier will be working with Rocky Maselli, executive chef of Marche in Eugene, to create Friday’s dinner.

Folin Cellars, with a winery and vineyards in Gold Hill, will be pouring its 2007 Estate Viognier.

“This is the first time we have participated in the festival,” says Carole Stevens, Folin’s sales and marketing expert who will be attending with winemaker Rob Folin. “We feel that Oregon truffles and Oregon wines are a special culinary treat.”

This is the fourth time that Domaine Meriwether in Veneta has participated in the festival. In addition to the reception’s sparkling wine, Domaine Meriwether owner Ed (Buzz) Kawders was asked by Chef Maselli to pour a bold 2005 Pinot Noir at the La Recreation dinner. Regrettably, Kawders adds, he will miss the Friday night festivities in which his wines will star because he's attending the Eugene Symphony’s gala (he serves on the board). “However, my wife and I along with two guests will be in attendance for the Grand Dinner on Saturday,” he says.

Did we hear a sigh?

Winery Luncheons

Forging for truffles works up an appetite and a thirst. Not to mention a nagging thought about what these things taste like. And if they’re worth the trouble. Don’t worry. Festival planners have lunches planned to quench your curiosity.

There will be what’s called a Villa Luncheon on Saturday afternoon. Its menu is in the hands of Cathy Whims, the James Beard nominated chef of Portland’s Nostrana. In her dedication to simple, sustainable Italian cooking, she’s creating a menu paired with host Pfeiffer Vineyards’ wine:

* Crostini all Urbani: black truffles on toast with the 2007Anna Skye, a muscat/pinot blanc blend
* Cesare's Egg: chestnut polenta and white truffles with the 2007 Blue Dot Reserve Pinot Noir
* Roast Quail and black truffle cream with the 2007 Merlot
* Taleggio trattato and white truffles with the 2006 Pinot Gris

For the second year, Willamette Valley Vineyards will host a three-course lunch. This year it’s being masterminded by Jack Czarnecki of the Joel Palmer House in Dayton.

Czarnecki is crazy about truffles. He has

gold nuggets for sale

gold nuggets for sale

Pyrite, "Gold Nugget" Triangle Earrings Set In .925 Sterling Silver On Sale

Nephrite Jade is usually whitish cream to green coloured. It is often used for sculptures and carvings and has proven to be a very significant stone. China has been using the stone for a very long time. It is a variety of Actinolite and is extremely unique and unlike any other type (eg. Seraphinite).It is a fibrous amphibole mineral (it is a mineral that consists of the silicates of calcium, iron, magnesium, sodium and aluminium in the form of slender dark crystals). It is an exceptionally strong stone. So strong it is in fact stronger than steel. It has been used in the past as axes and other weapons.Nephrite Jade has historically been believed to help with kidney disorders.The other type of Jade is called Jadeite. The two can be very difficult to differentiate.

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